Existentialism and the Dolan Twins New Video

Social Media is a large part people’s daily lives, in this day and age. It has its positives and negatives as everything does but it also has a connection to existentialism, especially for influencers and people the heavily rely on it. Recently the dolan twins uploaded a video basically saying that they are taking a break from youtube to focus on their lives more and not be pressured to keep up the uploading schedule they were on.

Many influencers have a obligation to upload or post something every day or weekly, to keep interest peaked and continue to gain fame. Some youtubers and social media stars have recently come out and talked about the pressure of social media, which has always been a topic that comes up. Social Media has consumed people’s lives to a point where they only think about how many follows or when the have to upload a video next. The Dolan Twins and Shane Dawson have both talked about how uploading took over their lives and they were never able to truly grow up or do anything else. Their life was consumed and they found meaning in their life by uploading and filming.

Existentialism fits into this because the Dolan Twins found that the purpose of their life for the last 5 years was uploading and posting. They now have no idea what to do. They were controlled by the social structures to believe that uploading was the most important thing in the world. When in all reality it was not and they have reached the point where they realize that and have “broken free”. The Dolan Twins have become unburdened and have taken charge of their lives.

5 thoughts on “Existentialism and the Dolan Twins New Video

  1. Lily D

    This is a very creative way to involve existentialism. I never thought to connect it to social media but now that you’ve mentioned it, that makes a lot of sense.


  2. Jane V

    Social media is a great example of absurdity in life. More than youtubers attempt to find meaning through likes, comments, and followers, and often are left feeling unfulfilled. This is a great example because it is super current with our world today!


  3. Sonia Z

    I like this connection, it takes existentialism out of this big scary concept and applies it to things we see all the time. It also shows how easily kids around our ages can get drawn into different existences and “lives” so easily, which is kinda eye opening.



    I think that this comparison is super neat and smart. I feel like in everyone’s life, when they grow old they have to devote their lives to their work, and even if they like that it can be draining. I think that this is the case for youtubers especially. Devoting most of your life to making other people happy seems like a hard life to live, and having that be your purpose seems like it can really take the meaning out of life


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