Evil Heidkamp is Scary

I did not enjoy Evil Heidkamp’s existentialism lecture. The main reason being that I do not agree with the concept of existentialism. Although the lecture made me look at the book a little differently (and that was the point of it), I was annoyed with Evil Heidkamp because I did not agree with most of the points he was making and I kept thinking that he actually supported existentialism. I’ve found myself disliking Camus and The Stranger because of the support of existentialism. I get the fact that there are social constructs that someone just made up at one point in time but it doesn’t matter that they’re made up. These social constructs like family, friends, money, and religion make humans happy because of how we are taught to enjoy life. It’s hard to go through life valuing these constructs and one day hear Evil Heidkamp’s lecture telling you that these constructs are pointless and that life is absurd. I think there’s so much meaning in life and these social constructs because of the happiness and determination it gives people. I understand the concept of existentialism but it’s a hard topic to wrap your head around and it would be a depressing thing to believe in.

2 thoughts on “Evil Heidkamp is Scary


    I like the fact that you disagreed with existentialism lecture but respected it enough to try to use it for the story to understand the meaning of the story.


  2. ohess4

    The reason it’s depressing is because that is reality. Depressive realism is when you detach from emotions and view the world from a completely objective standpoint. The illusion of lack of meaning is the result of a malicious creature that makes you believe it and you’d have no way of certifying said demon as non-existent nor accessing evidence of there being meaning. The meaning to life is to live as long as possible and have as many kids as possible. Just like any other animal. Humans just like to think their special because of their prefrontal cortex. We share 98.9% DNA with chimpanzees. 60% DNA with insects and bananas.


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