Existentialism Within The Joker

Within Todd Phillips newest film, Joker, Joaquin Phoenix plays the infamous Joker and displays a different take to the Character. Overtime, the fictional super villain’s image has been twisted and shaped by many people. Traditionally, the joker has been viewed as a funny yet evil character. Phillips portrays his version of the Joker, through darker, intense depictions, and representative values of a existentialist.

Throughout the movie, there are themes of moral living, flouting aesthetic, and radical movements. As Joker develops, his mind becomes more free and mirrors Meursault. Although the Joker is narcissist and violent, the views of murder also relate to Meursaults. In the end of both Joker and The Stranger, their final feelings of liberation are the same, accepting.

Overall there are many ways Joker can be tied to ideas of existentialism. In conclusion, Meursault and the Joker view life on a similar level, people, and death.

2 thoughts on “Existentialism Within The Joker

  1. Toby K

    I noticed this too and I think it shows that someone should not think like an existentialist because things in life, like death and violence, do matter to a lot of people.


  2. Danny K

    Spoiler Warning For Joker: I watched the Joker this Sunday and I can see how you relate his murders to Meursault in The Stranger. I especially see this when he murders Murray on his show Live with Murray Franklin. He delivers a killing blow with his first shot, pauses and then proceeds to shoot the host another two times. This is similar to The Stranger because Meursault himself shoots the already dead man with four shots.


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