Woman at War and the Musical Element

The beautifully crafted film “Woman at War” follows the actions of an Icelandic activist, Halla, fighting to raise awareness on environmental issues.

Halla does this by destroying power lines that supply miles of the country with power. This gains a massive amount of news coverage in the country and attracts the attention of other countries. Her goal is to make the government change their ways to better the environment for future generations.

I thought that the visual aspect of the film was truly great. The drone shots from high above of the beautiful country, and the strategic angles and film elements incorporated were amazing.

Although I thought the film was amazing and very inspiring, I do have a few critiques.

I thought that the musical element of the Icelandic band and Ukrainian singers took away from the magic of the movie. In the middle of a powerful scene where Halla is doing something so moving, we are interrupted and distracted by singers and instruments that take away from her actions.

Image result for women in war film

I know many other people would disagree and say that the music added a new and special element to the movie, but in my opinion it was unnecessary.

Overall, I thought the film was beautiful, inspirational, and amazing. I would definitely recommend it to people and would want to watch it again.

One thought on “Woman at War and the Musical Element

  1. Maximus B

    In 2nd period we watched the movie “Trust” but I wanted to watch “Woman at War”, and now I definitely feel like watching it on my own. I feel that, how music can sometimes take away from the moment. Sometimes silence could be the best medicine for a powerful scene.


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