The vexing and perplexing writing style of Exit West.

I remember a week or so ago we were discussing the first chapter of the book. while discussing the chapter one of my fellow classmates said that he was dissapointed on how it wasn’t “Richly written”. I am reminded of this by pages 109 to 111 in the book in witch to entire pages worth of text is comprised of a sentence. A sentence. One. A sentence that should be at absolute most, two lines. The only logical conclusion I can extraplilate from this is that the student in question wished that the book would become more “Richly written” on a monkey’s paw.

Now you may say that their is nothing wrong with sentences of that length. However, for me at least, I have extreme difficulty reading and engaging with a book like that. Not only that, it makes it hard for me to care about the book. This makes it hard for me and a suspect other students to submerge ourselves in this world. The book won’t let its details be fondled.

This alone would make the book frustrating to read, but their is something that makes it worse. Its plot is flimsy at best and mediocer at worst. It just about the typical two love birds setup along with one of the most hamfisted and lazy atemps at magical realism for the refugee crisis. Not only that but their are glimpses of more interesting stories sprinkled throughout the book, from the old man in San Diego to the Women in Australia. Originally this brought me hope that we would revisit them at some point. But alas, that idea would prove too intresting for this book.

One thought on “The vexing and perplexing writing style of Exit West.

  1. Matthew L

    Very true, the way that he writes, especially using long sentences with many commas, reminds me of someone with racing thoughts, and is a more realistic way of describing life in a war torn enviornment


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