“We are all migrants”

“We are all migrants through time.” This is my favorite sentence from Exit West. Like the literal meaning, we are always traveling during the whole lifetime. Sometime we leave our hometown reluctantly by wars, disease or political chaos that all make the society into a huge mess; sometime we step out our comfort zone to find challenges and opportunities; sometimes we don’t have a clear reason but just want to see the world. No matter which one fit us, or maybe none of them do, the environment surround us definitely changes, including encountering new people, blending in to the local culture and many other skills to learn for staring from zero. This process must be difficult or even painful.

I didn’t really understand those exhausted eyes on the trains moving outwards the city under the dusk, until it comes my turn to sit like their postures but on a different train and overseeing a different dusk. loneliness, stress and fears are keeping accumulating along the journey. Let’s try to be nice to the people who are new to our community. Being patient when a foreigner ask you the direction with an unfamiliar tone, or maybe giving the seats to those who carry huge sacks because ,one day, we will also feel powerless in a different city like a tree loses the connection to its root and is transplanted in a deserted plain. However, that’s how a new forest starts to form.

“We are all immigrants.” We are all brave explorers.

5 thoughts on ““We are all migrants”

  1. Alex Y

    What’s up Yunhao, hope your SAT went well. I also liked that quote from “Exit West,” although I’m likely biased due to the fact that my parents and many of my friends are immigrants. Nonetheless, I think that that line definitely highlights what the book is set out to do: make us empathize with and humanize migrants. Like you said, change is inevitable, so we often find ourselves in completely new situations without any grasp to try to help us. However, I think that these experience also help grow us the most, because it’s through these changes we discover how we struggle with and hopefully overcome our challenges and begin to empathize with those who’ve always been an outsider. Thanks for your post!


  2. Simone P

    I agree that kindness and patience is the most important thing when greeting someone who looks new or lost or confused because you have no idea what they have been through.


  3. julianbradford

    I agree completely with this. You found a way to find so much meaning with just one sentence. I love how you talk about kindness and patience, and this is something that I never even considered until after reading this.


  4. Jane V

    I love this statement too. We always think of time travel as moving to different places in time, but in reality we have been doing that all along. Time travel is a constant in everybody’s life. I really like your take on this.


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