Exit West and Escape

“Exit West” Is a great novel by Mohsin Hamid that features lots of different themes. One common theme that I saw a lot of in the book was escape, with lots people using the magical doors to escape from one place to another.

My favorite sentence that encapsulates this is, “All their doors remained simple doors, on/off switches in the flow between two adjacent places, binary either open or closed, but each of their doors, regarded thus with a twinge of irrational possibility, became partially animate as well, an object with a subtle power to mock, to mock the desires of those who desired to go far away, whispering silently from its door frame that such dreams were the dreams of fools.” (73). I really like this sentence because it shows Nadia and Saeed’s home and desire to escape, even to the point of believing in magical doors.

4 thoughts on “Exit West and Escape

  1. Jane V

    The doors were a really interesting choice by the author. They took me by surprise, but still somehow seemed to work as one kept reading the book.


  2. Monty E

    The doors do illustrate the character’s desire to escape. But what is interesting to me is that at the end of the novel, Saeed and Nadia still want to escape, but instead of from their country, they want to escape from each other. While they were eager to use a door to escape their country, leaving or escaping from each other is much harder to do for them.


  3. Geneva D

    I thought this concept was very interesting because people that lived in bad placed like the doors and used them, but people who lived in nice countries didn’t like the doors and didn’t want other people using them and going to new countries. This is very similar to recent issues with immigration. Many people are trying to escape bad places, but people in other countries don;’t want to accept them.



    I also thought this concept was very interesting because I have never read something like this before and I think it really helped to shape the story. The doors were much more than just doors, and they represented different themes and characteristics woven throughout the novel.


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