Why I “Trust” that these characters are similar.

When first watching the film Trust, I walked out of the lecture hall confused but in wonder of what would happen next. I then started to see patterns of how Matthew’s character related to Mersault. The part that really set off this idea in my head at first was when Matthew had the hand grenade with him at all times. I saw his view of life from the eyes of Mersault who also had a perspective of an existentialist.

But what really stood out to me in the film was the use of language and just overall how the movie was foreseen. I really thought of this movie as confusing, because the situations were things that would happen in real life, but how they were carried out seemed different to me. I especially thought conversations between Maria and Matthew were interesting. I noticed them interrupting each other and just when I didn’t think they had a strong connection, they were kissing and Matthew was proposing to Maria. Existentialism in the movie came towards the end when Matthew was going to blow up part of the factory and commit suicide. This showed that Matthew was impulsive like Mersault was. Both characters had their own flaws which it seemed they would both dwell on, therefore causing them to think of life negatively. Even though these characters are similar, the overall language of the two stories is very different, the book being more straight forward versus the movie keeping you guessing and in wonder of what exactly was going on.

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