Women don’t need Superpowers to be A Hero

Woman at War takes place in Iceland and is about an environmental activist named Halla. The plotline follows Halla’s life fighting against the aluminum industries.

Halla isn’t sending hateful letters or protesting on the industry’s front lawn; she is out in the fields taking down power towers. She travels miles to the power lines, camps in freezing temperatures, and survives by herself. Halla is a warrior trying to make a difference for herself and future generations and help the environment.

In addition, to fight against the industry, Halla gets the opportunity to adopt a little girl from Ukraine, which holds its challenges. Being a mother is a huge responsibility, and Halla faces this when she realizes the reality of her actions are going to conflict with her duties.

In the end, even with obstacles in her way, Halla claims the role of a hero for herself, her country, sister, and future.

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