Do Magic and Migration Mix?

In high school, I have never read a book that involves magic and fantasy. Usually students are asked to read the great novels or non-fiction stories. There has been no book that I have read that is anything like Exit West.

I really enjoyed reading the story because it combined a little bit of magic with the real world. Honestly, at first it shocked me that such an intense topic like emigration and immigration was being mixed with magic. Combining such a serious topic and adding magical doors felt controversial to me. However as I kept reading I thought that the author is not like any other writer. Adding the doors just adds more to the story and makes it not like any other migration story. The doors make for more sub-stories and a new world which makes Exit West a powerful read.

If you think mixing magic and migration, please comment why, I would love to hear other opinions!

2 thoughts on “Do Magic and Migration Mix?

  1. JONAH O

    Love the Intro, really nice and spread out and you explained to me how you loved the story in your own way. But the connection you made with magic was hard for me to grasp.


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