Exit West Vs. Monster’s Inc.

While reading Exit West, I could not get over how oddly similar the idea of the magical doorways was to the Disney movie, Monster’s Inc. In Exit West, the immigrants are seen as these so called “others” who come through these doors and reek havoc and bring chaos. In the movie Monster’s Inc, the Monster’s are seen as scary entities on the other sides of the doors. In both cases, the predispositions about both the immigrants and the monsters are false. In both cases assumptions are made beforehand, and are not backed by evidence. Saeed and Nadia are very similar to Mike and Sully. Saeed and Nadia are misunderstood by the people who want them out of the mansion. Mike and Sully on the other hand both want to fit in in a world that does not like monsters, while at the same time balancing an impending energy crisis. The magical doors appear in both stories. They are meant to be doors to a new world and new experiences in both stories. With that said, All characters still have a connection to their sides of the doors. Nadia and Saeed both miss their country, and Mike and Sully want to find a solution in the human world to bring back to their side.

4 thoughts on “Exit West Vs. Monster’s Inc.

  1. Karim A.

    I find what you say so funny because of how true it is! Exit West is also similar to the movie Trust in the way that it looks like it is the real world but there are constant reminders of the imagination and fictions through the doors and the businessmen with pipes.


  2. Alexis S

    I never even thought about the connection of “Exit West” and “Monsters Inc.” Honestly, I connected the Exit West with a book from the “Narnia Series, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” I really like the connection of magical doors from other novels, even with a children’s movie like “Monsters Inc.” The connection you made is so true and well done!



    I think it’s a funny comparison, but a very legitimate one. There are many different connections between Exit West and Monsters Inc. The one that I like the most is the potential friendships created by accepting whatever comes through those doors. In Monsters Inc, instead of being afraid of the monsters that should scare her, she is really open and accepting of them. That leads to a strong friendship being formed. I think the same is possible in the this world, if people were accepting of others, powerful bonds can be formed.


  4. Danny K

    I think this is a great comparison with one of the best films ever created set beside a book we are reading in English Lit. I never could’ve thought of the two together, but it just shows great imagination relating the two. Great blog post.


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