How Exist West Humanizes Refugees

Exist west provides a very important perspective on the refugee crisis. Often the media portrays them as numbers rather than humans. Due to this, it’s easy to lose sight of what refugees really are: humans.

Before the fighting in Saeed and Nadia’s city broke out, they lived lives quite similar to ours. They went to work, went on dates, used social media, listened to music, and had good educations. People in western countries usually don’t put themselves in their shoes. They never think what it is like to have their entire lives uprooted in a matter of weeks.

Imagine if all of a sudden an intense radical group started terrorizing our towns to the point where they are no longer safely habitable. We would most likely do the exact same thing: take who and what we can with us and try to find somewhere safe to live.

While I don’t think simply looking at the refugee crisis from their perspective will spark any major change, I do believe it will at least make people have more sympathy to those trying to find a safer home. They didn’t just choose to move from their homes, they were forced out. They aren’t looking to steal our jobs or cause terrorism, they just need a place to go. Maybe once more people start considering that there will be less hostility toward refugees.

5 thoughts on “How Exist West Humanizes Refugees

  1. Katie V.

    I agree with your point. I think that part of the reason why Exit West is a good book is because of the excellent characterization of Nadia and Saeed. They both feel like fully fleshed out and because of that, they feel like real people. Because they feel like real people the audience is able to better connect with them not just feel bad for them. I feel like connecting with people as whole people rather than just as some victims to save is critical towards creating mutual recognition.


  2. Jack B

    I totally agree with you, I believe Exit West is such a great novel because it gives a perspective that many people don’t see. And with your remark of, “Imagine if all of a sudden an intense radical group started terrorizing our towns to the point where they are no longer safely habitable”, this goes to show how people don’t realize what immigrants are potentially facing.


  3. Kirsten K

    I agree, Exit West gives us, the reader, insight into the refugees and their journey and what they have been through. It makes you understand why so many refugees are leaving and how sometimes going to a new situation that could also potentially be not great is better than where they came from. It makes you understand refugees’ actions better and sympathize with them.


  4. mfriedman62

    Exit West does provide some realistic insight into the lives of a refugee. I like how you acknowledged how recognizing what it is like to be in their shoes doe snot solve any problems, but does bridge the gap of misunderstanding. A start to world acceptance and hospitality towards immigrants and refugees begins with knowledge of the situation and awareness of the true jeopardy they are facing.


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