Lovers to Strangers

The story of Saeed and Nadia, is a story that is often not written which is why Exit West is a great book and touches on themes and topics that are often talked about in the media. However, the love story between Nadia and Saaed, and their journey from being Lovers to almost Strangers is very common in the entertainment world. From books to movies and most commonly music the love story of Nadia and Saeed is quite common, from how they where close to growing distant and moving on from each other.

An example of this love story is in Katy Perry’s song Small Talk with one of the main lines being “we went from strangers to lover the strangers in a lifetime”. Just like Nadia and Saeed did, they where both lovers at the beginning and where each others emotional support and “other half” and the beginning. As the story progress Nadia and Saeed love in a way dies out, and they become separated emotional and later physically. The journey they took helped them bond at the beginning and as the journey they took ended Nadia and Saeed began to grow distant. Just like Katy Perry’s song it talks about how they had a great journey and then ended up being almost strangers in the end.

3 thoughts on “Lovers to Strangers

  1. Isabelle M

    I agree that the book is more interesting because of the unusual nature of Saeed and Nadia’s relationship. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where two characters are set up as love interests, get together, and then naturally grow apart without some big breakup or love triangle, so it was nice to see such a realistic human relationship for a change.


  2. Logan G

    I agree I think Hamid did a great job writing the relationship between Saeed and Nadia. The relationship felt like a real relationship other than a fairy tale. They did like each other but obstacles are thrown at them which makes them feel separated.


  3. Lizzy L

    I also have seen several films in which couples have ended things amicably; however, I don’t think I have ever read or seen a breakup quite as respectful as Saeed and Nadia’s. I found it very unique that neither partner blamed the other for their uncoupling. I also found it unique that their disconnect began as soon as they escaped their war-torn home nation, suggesting that the looming threat of war is what made them so close to begin with.


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