Saeed and Nadia prove that opposites do attract

In Moshin Hamid’s novel ‘Exit West,’ the two main characters, Saeed and Nadia, share a romantic relationship for most of the story. However, the two are almost polar opposites from each other, backing the theory that opposites do attract in a relationship.

The main difference between Saeed and Nadia is their opposite views on the meanings of life. While Saeed is revealed to be a man of great morality, he is much more conforming to the traditions of his family, culture, and religion. Nadia on the other hand is not, as she holds existentialist commonalities. As an ultra-religious man, Saeed refuses to have sex with Nadia before marriage, although she persists frequently. Throughout the book, it is discovered that Saeed feels very strongly about his parents, constantly praying for them. However, Nadia left her parents and does not mention them much.

Although, Saeed and Nadia’s relationship eventually came to a close at the end of the novel, they still remained friendly. This goes to show that opposites do attract, as different lifestyles can be appealing and interesting.

4 thoughts on “Saeed and Nadia prove that opposites do attract

  1. Anthony L

    Do opposites really attract? It seems as if Saeed and Nadia can’t really get passed what the other does or does not want and that is what ultimately draws them apart.


  2. Paige M

    I agree. I thought it was interesting how well Nadia and Saeed connected even with their many differences. While they did end up breaking up, I still think this novel shows how opposites do attract. I think their break up was mainly caused by the hardships and adversities they experienced together, rather than just their differences in beliefs.



    I think this is a very interesting perspective and I agree. I think Saeed and Nadia, although not perfect, bring out the best qualities in each other and their opposition adds depth and character to their relationship.


  4. Olivia R

    Do you think that maybe their relationship formed out of desperation rather than true love? Nadia is very obviously an independent woman; she left her family, she covers herself completely to keep men from bothering her, she lives alone, etc. I personally think that Saeed, being the well rounded and sensible guy he is, looked passed his differences with Nadia and was intrigued by her complexity. However, I’m not too sure if Nadia was the same. Her, being the opposite of Saeed, was very practical and was quite the existentialist. Much like Meursault with Marie in The Stranger, I think Nadia loved Saeed because he was there and she grew to attract to him.


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