Saeed and Prayer

One thing I found interesting about Saeed’s contemplation about prayer is that is was devoid about any mention of God. Most of the time when talking about prayer people will talk about their relationship with God. However, Saeed talks about his human relationships.

Of course, Saeed likely believes in God, but it seems that his primary reason for praying is the way it connects him to other people. For someone like Saeed who is not naturally inclined towards cutting ties immigration would likely be especially painful and destabilizing. It is understandable then why he began to pray more after immigrating. Prayer was what kept him tethered to his family and past. For Saeed prayer served as a portal to other times and people he had lost, just as the doors served as portals to other places.

5 thoughts on “Saeed and Prayer

  1. Paige M

    I also thought it was interesting how Saeed used prayer as a way to connect to his parents. I especially liked your point that prayer is like a portal for Saeed! I think describing it as a “portal” is very accurate because it emphasizes how prayer brings back memories of Saeed’s parents and his past overall.


  2. Toby K

    I never realized that he never talked about praying to God. It is interesting that he prayed often but it was always to get in touch with loved ones that he no longer was with. I don’t know if that is customary for Muslims but definitely interesting and I didn’t catch that.


  3. Ella B

    I also thought that Saeed’s approach to prayer was interesting. You mentioned though that “of course, Saeed likely believes in God.” This may be true, though it seems to me that he prays to connect with the past and to remind himself of his history and culture. I think he finds the routine comforting, especially given all that is changing in his life.

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  4. Olivia R

    I noticed this too! I definitely agree with how God isn’t the main purpose of Saeed’s prayers. We find him constantly relating his prayer to every relationship in his life – family, society, himself – but God. I think this was really important because Mohsin Hamid portrays the idea that prayer can be more than just cultural; it can help people in a variety of ways, especially when they need it which Saeed definitely does.


  5. Zack T

    That that I am thinking about it I think this is how it probably is for most people. Religion does not just connect people to God but to other people. Especially in Christianity, my religion, prayer is meant to be exercised in a congregation with other people. I also know from seeing people at my church that a lot people only go to connect with other people, and the main importance in practicing religion is to engage with other people.


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