The Ending of Exit West

My first thoughts after finishing Exit West was that it was a sad ending. After thinking about it more I thought maybe it wasn’t so sad because both characters found new relationships that they were happy in. Furthermore, Nadia and Saeed ended on good terms and even talked after their breakup.

I think that the ending was supposed to be happy, but I still can’t help feeling sad about how it ended. I feel like I was there with Nadia and Saeed through their relationship and everything they went through. So when the part came that they ended things with each other, I couldn’t help but be upset. I had just read a couple hundred pages about their relationship and I thought that they were such a good couple and I was sure they would make it. I think that although this ending is sad in some aspects, it is most realistic. A lot of people date and break up and its completely normal, but it can still be sad when it ends.

3 thoughts on “The Ending of Exit West

  1. Toby K

    I agree. Although it was sad that Nadia and Saeed had to separate, it was for the best for both of them and they made the conscious choice together after their relationship had become mutually unromantic.


  2. Annie W

    I thought it was also disappointing, but also felt like that was how the story should end. I thought Hamid did an amazing job describing how they fell out of love, a process that is almost never talked about now. Hamid made sure the reader understood these feelings well, so that it was almost refreshing when they were slowly able to let go of each other at the end.



    I was also pretty conflicted about their break up. Their decision read natural and correct, but there’s always some bittersweet feelings towards breaking up.


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