Escape in Exit West

In the story Exit West, the main character Saeed and Nadia both have different ways of releasing themselves from the present and just forget about what is going on around them.

For Nadia, she enjoys rolling joints and smoking weed to help her cope with the stress of the wars and riots going on around her as it calms her down and brings her joy.

For Saeed, it becomes very important to him to pray more once he has left his hometown and it seems to become a way for him to escape from the refugee camp and enter his own world where he can feel connected to his family, especially his father.

The ways that these two characters choose to cope with their stress and guilt of all that has happened around them is very different, which may be a reason for why their relationship started becoming more and more distant.

3 thoughts on “Escape in Exit West

  1. Leah J

    This post is very interesting because this is exactly what I noticed towards the end of the book. Saeed and Nadia both had very different ways of dealing with the new world they were facing and in the end, I feel as if these differences led to their divide. Saeed was able to find love in someone who was just like him and valued prayer. I wonder if Nadia had been more like the preacher’s daughter, whether or not her and Saeed’s relationship would’ve lasted.



    I would definitely agree with this. They are both clearly having a hard time coping. It is interesting that they choose methods separately and they become more and more separate towards the end of the story. They no longer really experience it together and appear to be extremely lonely even though they were still in the company of one another.


  3. Yasmin R

    I think it is very interesting how people have different ways of coping with stress and hardships in their lives. In Nadia and Saeed’s case, their different coping mechanisms created a barrier in their relationship. I’m wondering if this is always the case or if people can make it work despite having drastically different ways of dealing with stress.


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