Is She Wrong?

Throughout the time of slavery, many people did the unthinkable by taking their own lives or their children’s lives just to keep them out of the hands of a slave owner. Sethe makes that ultimate choice but is she wrong from taking the life of her child Baby Suggs.

Sethe puts her child baby Suggs to rest after the slave catcher comes to take them back to slavery. Sethe feels that if she out hurts her child from the pain of slavery she can save her child from the time and trama of everything she had to endure doing her time on sweet home’s plantation. Paul D felt she was being an “Animal” and could have easily run before taking the life of her child but is she wrong or is she right the question is why is she wrong and why is she right. She is right from the perspective that no one wants to see someone that they love and care to be placed into a system that works them and destroys them from the inside out. Sethe was not trying to find an easy way out for her kids but find a better way for them to be free and go to the next phase of life. Here is where some might feel she is wrong for killing her child since she has two feet and not four and could have easily run until she reached safety or gave it a fighting chance to make it out safely. Sethe took the choice of her childhood growing up and being able to make it through life without being enslaved. Even if Baby Suggs was enslaved she could have still possible made it out by escaping sweet home even though it would not be easy, it was not impossible since her mother and others in the community were able to escape as well.

Sethe chose to take baby Sugg’s life he choice was not a selfish choice but it was also a somewhat non-moral choice to decide to take another’s life. So is Sethe wrong or was she right for her decision it’s up to you and how you look at it from different non-bias perspectives.

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