Girl Power

Beloved has many themes throughout the novel, but a theme that I noticed is the strong female presence. Throughout the Novel, woman are represented and show as strong and independent despite going through unimaginable situations. The start, Sethe was a slave and successfully escaped from her plantation. She kept pushing when she was escaping and believed in her own abilities.She was able to value her life as more than just as a slave but as a human being, choosing to escape. All of the women in the novel, despite their struggles and the obstacles they must combat, work together to make the best life possible, Denver and Sethe where doing well working together long before Paul D showed up. Denver has a good mother to look up to, I mean Sethe crawled through woods and gave birth in the middle of the woods to Denver. Although Denver quite different from her mother in certain aspects of her personality, she is able to recognize when Sethe is no longer to continue the household duties, and she must venture down the road to get food, and get steady work, to support the household. Beloved at its core is about women helping each other, and the strong bond they have with each other.

3 thoughts on “Girl Power

  1. Geneva D

    I think this is a really important theme in the book, especially because of how women are typically looked over in history. Women had very important roles in slavery and afterward and this book really helps showcase that. This book shows what it is like to have been through something traumatic but still move on from it and stay strong.


  2. Lucy S.

    I appreciate this perspective. It’s always interesting to see how novels portray women. This book, especially with all of the historical references, really portrays women in a positive and powerful light.


  3. Jenna K

    This book definitely revolves around women and their strive in life through Sethe, Denver, and Baby Suggs. They keep going no matter what they are facing, they fight for the best.


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