“Reptilia” by the Strokes uses both quips of dialogue and creative imagery to portray a scene in which the speaker becomes increasingly frustrated with a woman’s advances towards him. The title “Reptilia” refers to a speakers reptilian brain in this instance. A reptilian brain in this instance would be one that is less mature, and only focuses on passion and anger.

“You sound so sleepy, just take this, now leave me”

This is the first line of dialogue presented by the speaker. The speaker is most likely at some sort of party or social gathering that is boring him. A woman who is trying to talk to him notices his boredom, and offers him some sort of drug to perk him up. He most likely refuses.

The wait is over, I’m now taking over

You’re no longer laughing, I’m not driving fast enough

The chorus is set later on in the night, the speaker becomes fed up with the situation. He is taking control of the conversation. He lets the woman know that neither of them are enjoying their interaction.

The room is on fire and she’s fixing her hair
“You sound so angry, just calm down, you found me”

We are now presented with the image of the party set ablaze by their arguing. While the speaker becomes enraged the woman decides to back off and wait out his yelling while she fixes her hair. She eventually reveals her motives to talking to him, which he new all along.

The song ends with the chorus again. This asserts that the speaker was able to reveal the woman’s true motives and take control of the situation.

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