“How do we Treat Teachers in The United States?”: The Bigger Question Presented by Key and Peele

We are all too familiar with major sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and many others. I think that almost every American could name at least three major league American athletes, but can Americans name three important and extremely influential famous educators? The answer is most likely no.

Key and Peele’s sketch on Comedy Central’s YouTube page titled “TeachingCenter” centers around a fictional teaching report television program, and has a similar structure to that of ESPN’s SportsCenter. The satire details the news for teachers in the United States, such as the teaching draft, teachers taking offers from new schools with $80 million contracts, teaching highlights and even listing the school rankings at the bottom of the screen.

This sketch is both brilliantly written and performed, as it almost identically mimics the structure of ESPN’s SportsCenter. This sketch is quite comedic because the announcers (Key and Peele) are talking about teaching as if it is a professional sport, where athletes are nationally praised for their athleticism and are paid millions and millions of dollars to play.

I also really enjoyed this parody in that it highlights a bigger issue in the United States, how we respect and praise our very own teachers. Teachers open so many educational and life doors for students, and a good teacher can be the difference between a student succeeding, or falling between the cracks in life. Many teachers make salaries that they can barely live on, while professional athletes boast their luxury cars, private jets, and million dollar mansions.

This satire truly puts into perspective what we see as important as Americans. Teachers, who work tirelessly to set students up for a bright future are put in a much lower place in society than professional athletes.

I found this sketch both very comedic and powerful, because it gave me a good laugh, and it made me think about the importance of education to the American people.

3 thoughts on ““How do we Treat Teachers in The United States?”: The Bigger Question Presented by Key and Peele

  1. Olivia R

    Anything made by Key and Peele is brilliant but I especially liked that you surrounded your blog around this video of theirs because the message behind it is one that often gets overlooked. As you said and as Key and Peele were trying to say in their skit, teachers don’t get the credit they deserve while athletes do. I like how you mentioned that it exposes our focus as Americans and that America is so much more interested in entertainment rather than education. Key and Peele are extremely talented and their skits are short enough to laugh at while also understanding the meanings behind them.


  2. Paige M

    I really like your analysis of this sketch. I especially liked your point about how many teachers have low salaries while athletes have so much excess wealth. I think it is sad that Americans prioritize entertainment over education. Teachers definitely deserve better.


  3. Logan G

    Key and Peele have been making every laugh from their very first satirical skit. They are willing to push the limits on topic that are uncomfortable to talk about. I feel like the education system in the TEACHER/student relation needs to be changed.


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