A Sketch for Women? Actions vs. Conversations

A sketch for Women created by SNL is a sketch surrounding the movement of a day without women in 2017. Where the female cast mates did not show up for work that day, which meant they ended up missing the writing day. This sketch is written by Men for Women about discussing issues that women deal with. However, Even though women’s issues are the topic of discussions women are still sidelined and do not have large roles and the only lines they get to say are “That is very kind of you to say”. It is a very satirical spin of the serous conversations the are being talked about concerning women’s issues.

Irony is a large part of this sketch because the issues being discussed by 2 male castmates. However, the women that are present in the sketch are shown to be struggling with the exact issues that are being discussed. However, they are being ignored and unimportant, sitting by and letting the men take the lead (not intentionally). At a point in the sketch Kyle gestures to Scarlett and Aidy to ask their opinions on the matter and then as Scarlet starts to say something is immediately cut off. The Irony of the whole situation is extremely obvious.

Hyperbole is also used throughout the sketch with Kyle stating that “It’s not fair how, women are taught that they are only valued for their looks, why aren’t we [guys] being taught that”. The tone used is definitely a joking one showing the statement to be a hyperbole.

The sketch is trying to bring attention to women’s issues by first talking about them on live TV, because those topics are often left out or pushed to the side. A reason they have the men talking that is not as obvious is that certain people may listen to what a man has to say rather than a woman. The sketch as a whole is making fun of the conversation about women’s rights and its effects, showcasing some of the actions women have to put up with while talking about the issues.  

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