Satire in Netflix’s Patriot Act

In the late month’s of 2018, Netflix US released a show called the “Patriot Act” where popular comedian Hasan Minhaj addressed serious issues in a satirical manner.

Hasan Minhaj is brilliant in his work and throughout the show makes what he is saying hilarious, yet also sharp and factual. For every episode of the Patriot Act, Minhaj covers serious world problems and topics ranging from economics to global warming. Minhaj uses his comedic background as a way to communicate facts and information on the episode topic.

The Patriot Act has covered heavy topics such as the stigmas and exposing of health care when it comes to mental health, the darker side of the gaming industry where Minhaj speaks about the hardships gaming companies put their employees through, how the NRA is spreading gun violence globally, and more.

Minhaj uses sarcasm and tons of irony to push his facts and work on creating a more efficient and relatable way. Minhaj’s use of comedic strategies and help enhance the true seriousness of the many topics the show covers throughout the seasons/volumes. For example, during an episode titled: “The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion”, which comments on the new trend of cheaply made clothing that is mass produced and sold online, used different strategies. Minhaj commented, “It’s (fast fashion) is like toilet paper that almost makes you look like Ariana Grande.” Minhaj is able to get his points across (that fast fashion is simply an industry that creates cheap, disposable, and fast clothing) by poking fun at the industry using pop culture references. This could also be considered hyperbole because it’s not as bad as toilet paper, yet at the same time, maybe it is.

Overall, it’s a fantastic show. I may or may not have binge-watched several episodes of this tonight and I plan on watching so many more episodes. In all seriousness, the topics that Patriot Act covers are actually really important and Minhaj’s comedic experience helps convey these topics really well.

2 thoughts on “Satire in Netflix’s Patriot Act

  1. Grace S

    This sounds really interesting! I like that he ties these problems to pop culture so that the public can see how what they are interested and how these problems are involved in everyday life.


  2. Lizzy L

    I really enjoyed this blog post. I liked the episode where he satirized fast fashion by creating a real life parody fast fashion store. He is really adept in proving his point through parodies.


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