Satire in South Park

South Park over the past two decades has evolved into the purest form of satire in television history. South Park has been pushing the limits from the very first day from making fun of celebrities, politicians, religion, and any controversial event.

The four min characters are seen ( Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny) * in no order, with the rest of the characters in the show.

South Park brings satire to the most controversial events in America. For example, in episode “World War Zimmerman,” the death of Trayvon Martin, and George Zimmerman being acquitted from all charges puts South Park to the test with this serious situation. In the episode, South Park satires the Stand Your Ground gun laws in America. Another example, of satire in South Park is when Stan’s little brother has an affair with his kindergarten teacher. In the episode, ” Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy.” The show show uses satire to show the serious issue of child molestation. An example of an celebrity being made fun of in South Park are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The episode ” The Hobbit,” shows the problem of trying to be perfect to match Hollywood’s standard. Also, the episode makes fun of Kanye for having no sense of humor, by making Kanye in the episode have outrageous outbursts. South Park is the best form of satire in television history because they show no limits in making points of celebrities, politicians, and controversial events. Of course, many South Park episodes have been banned on television. Also, China has the whole program of South Park banned.

2 thoughts on “Satire in South Park


    I like how you mentioned the fact that south park uses kanye west and spoke on him having loud outburst it shows the satire and humor of the show.



    I love South Park and find the show hilarious! I really enjoyed how you focused on how South Park used satire in discussing major events in the US, such as politics, as this show reveals a deeper meaning of the need for social justice and change.


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