SNL Skit, “Guns”

Many of us agree we have seen one or two SNL skits. In fact, in almost every episode they seem to have at least one fake commercial. I feel that this sketch in particular is pretty much the definition of satire. The sketch has the same structure as a jewelry commercial. It starts out with moments in people’s lives where love is clearly present (a date, father son bonding, and child birth ). It is even being narrated in a way that makes it look like the product is going to be a sentimental thing. But it turns out to be a gun in every scene even though the commercial continues on with the same tone.

This sketch is one of the best examples of a parody. To start off, the entire thing is prerecorded with the quality similar to a high budget jewelry commercial. If you didn’t know who these actors were it would be reasonable to infer that this is a commercial for Kay Jewelers, that is until you see the guns. The use of guns in every milestone of their lives is similar to showing clips of a woman with a bracelet at many different points in her life. On top of that, this skit also uses understatement considering these people are carrying guns in very public places. One person is shooting one in the air and another shows a pregnant woman bursting into a hospital with a shotgun. If this were to happen in real life, it would be terrifying and fatal but the sketch is making the idea of open carry “normal”.

The entire point of the skit is to call out our current political climate and our issue with gun restrictions. One line from the “commercial” says that guns “unite us” when in fact, they do the opposite. When they made this in the style of a commercial it shows how normalized guns can become if we don’t do something about it. We live in an era where mass shootings have become a common occurrence. SNL is poking fun and adding comedy to the situation to show how messed up our world is.

5 thoughts on “SNL Skit, “Guns”

  1. Grace S

    I think that this is a really interesting skit. I also think that it is interesting that they chose to use an understatement to show the importance of gun control by relating it to jewelry because guns should not be an everyday thing.


  2. JULIA Y

    Hahah! I love all of SNL’s fake commercials, and this one kind of reminds me of this Valentine’s one that also parodies buying stuff for holidays. I think this one is a really clever parody because it comments on the nature of guns in American society, which is unlike most countries. It gets at the idea how normalized guns have become and people’s numbness towards violence



    I totally agree with you Lily! All of SNL’s skits, especially their commercial parodies, are so funny! I really enjoy this one specifically because of the message it send about gun usage and rights in the United States.



    This is a great post and I agree with you 100%! SNL does a great job of showing real world issues in a more approachable and humorous way, making it easier for people to truly understand these issues. Great post!


  5. Annie W

    SNL’s commercials are such a great example of satire because through them, the SNL writers can comment on almost anything they want. Especially when the skit starts off with such a familiar narrative, the gun twist is even more prominent.


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