The Horrific Brilliance of Get Out

Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele, is a Mystery/Thriller movie that was released in 2017. As a realistic thriller fan, I had been looking forward to seeing this movie as soon as the first few trailers started coming out (practically a year before the actual movie was released). You can click this video: to see one of the many examples of satire shown throughout the movie. 

I would definitely classify this movie as more of a “horror parody”. Although I didn’t necessarily realize all of the examples of satire and irony in the film while I was watching it, all of the scenes and their true meaning started to make sense to me after I had watched the whole film. Even now, almost three years after I originally saw the movie, I still read articles and watch videos about the true meaning and hidden messages behind certain scenes in the film. One of the most shown examples of satire woven throughout the movie is the idea of “liberal racism”, i.e. the white family members talking about how much they love black people and their “genetic makeup” to the point that it objectifies them and unravels to show racism at its purest form. The wealthy white characters are so obsessed with Chris (main character, black boyfriend to a white girl) and the way he looks and acts that it almost comes off as disrespectful and most definitely intrusive. 

Another example of satire is the concept of racism and its relationship with police. When Rose (Chris’s girlfriend) is pulled over, the police officer asks for Chris’s ID, even though he was just a passenger in the car. Rose then flips out on the officer, asking him why he would ever need to see the passengers ID, which contributes to her characterization as someone trying so hard not to show their racism that it backfires. Jordan Poole is depicting a scene of racism and exaggerating it to show just how ridiculous some of the situations black people find themselves in due to facing a bias/stereotype truly are, especially with the police. 

Jordan Poole, in my opinion, does a truly outstanding job in showing all of the examples of racism that people look past in society. This movie definitely helped me to better understand the world around me, and I hope it did that for others as well. 

3 thoughts on “The Horrific Brilliance of Get Out

  1. This was one of my favorite movies of 2017(?), I loved how introspective and analytical it was. One of the coolest things about this movie is that it was nominated for an Oscar even though the Academy doesn’t like horror films. It was truly outstanding and really utilized its satirical format well.


  2. Alexis S

    While watching Get Out, I never really saw the satire either. I think it is really dark satire, but it is present and done in a very interesting way. Jordan Peele does an excellent job doing so. I really enjoyed this thriller and the way you portrayed it was really awesome!



    This is super interesting and helped me to really understand the deeper meaning (and almost hidden meanings) of Get Out. I have only seen this film once, and after reading your analysis, parts of the movie are really starting to click for me, and reveal the underlying messages of social issues regarding race in this film.


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