A Bromance Rom Com

 Love You, Man is a 2009 American comedy film starring Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, and Jason Segel.  Peter Klavern (Paul Rudd) proposes to Zooey Rice (Rashida Jones) and realizes he has no close guy friends that he can choose to be his best man. Peter then goes on a quest to get a best friend and enlists help from his fiancé and brother. Along the way he meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) and they become best friends. Of course there is drama that strains Peter’s relationship with Zooey and later with Sydney but in the end everything works out which is why this movie fits Aristotle’s definition of comedy.

The whole movie is about an ordinary person who is trying to find a guy best friend. I think that it is normal for people to try and find a new friend. There are also many societal norms associated with weddings like having a best man, so Peter was just trying to fit in which is something that ordinary people often experience. This fits Aristotle’s definition of comedy because at the end of the movie the audience is pleased with the outcome of Sydney and Peter becoming best friends. All of Peter’s family members do not believe that he will be able to get a guy bets friend because the closest people in his life are his parents, Zooey, and some female acquaintances. This resembles Peter’s stance as an underdog in the comedy.

This romantic comedy helps us understand societal norms and constructs. People expect that by the time that you are an adult you will have at least a few really good friends that you have probably known since college. It also demonstrates the expectation that at a wedding there will be a bridal party. Peter fell victim to this societal norm because the reason he had to find a best friend was because he needed to find a best man. Peter did not not choose to have no bridal party but instead did everything in his power to fit in. The movie does not teach us that it is fine to live a life that is different than this but rather that this is expected from young adults. However, since there is tension between Peter and Zooey and Peter and Sydeny the movie shows its audience that it is human nature to go through rough patches and those that love you will be there to lift you up. Friendship and family are important aspects to a human’s survival in society.

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