A Curious Case of Senioritis

Dear OPRFHS Junior class, 

As I am nearing the end of my senior year of High School, I have some friendly advice that I would love to pass on to you. To preface my message, keep in mind that you still have over a year of High School left before you are able to graduate, and after that most of you will be going off to 4, or even 5 year universities. No one likes school (me especially), and as a senior, the thought of dropping out has seriously (yes, SERIOUSLY) crossed my mind. Therefore, my main message to you is to DROPOUT NOW.  

This may sound quite harsh and impulsive, however I have a lot of reasoning behind my logic; please allow me to elaborate.

#4 School is Overrated

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world did not end up going to a 4 year university. Some even dropped out of High School half way through. For those of you juniors that have a million dollar idea in mind, please do yourself a favor and pursue those dreams–while leaving all types of schooling behind.

#3 $$

You all thought that college was expensive? Well senior year is a whirlpool of money that will leave both you and your parents/guardians confused about where their money even went. From college application fees, to graduation and prom fees, senior year is filled with absolutely unnecessary costs that will cause a huge dent in your bank account.

#2 Money is (also) Overrated

You don’t think you can be successful without a High School or college degree? I beg to differ! Think about all of the people in the world that do not even have access to proper schooling, and they seem to be doing just fine. If that is not convincing enough, you could also always just become a stripper, or a street dancer! Tips are great.

#1 Why leave your Parents?

Alright, I know you juniors are probably looking at this thinking, “um I want to be FREE from my parents!”. But listen, considering that both your parents most likely have day jobs, if you drop out of school, you will have the entire day to do as you please! In addition to this, you will see (if you make the mistake of staying in school) that senior year you will begin to appreciate your parents far more than ever before. Therefore, why leave the comfort of your own home? Anyways, your parents really only wanted a child so that they could love and nurture them (sorry for the accident children out there, maybe you should move out). A parent’s sole job is to care for you so take advantage of that while they are alive!

I hope you all are able to follow my message and realize that school is absolutely not necessary to survive in this day and age.


Asta Simonovic

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