Anchorman 2 Is More Than a Raunchy Comedy

Image result for ron burgundy

The beloved story of Ron Burgundy delivers a deeper meaning than one would perceive. The sequel carries the story plot of Ron’s initial fame to a spiral of depression and then an ultimate rise in the end. Ron deals with a variety of moral dilemmas, the pressure of revenge, reigniting his life, and choosing work or family. Although some would view this movie as raunchy and dumb, the underlying issues that occur in life are taken head-on by one fascinating man.

As the movie begins, Ron recently lost his head position in anchoring a prestigious new network in New York City to his wife and ultimately leaves his family because of it. Following this tragedy, Ron is at his lowest point of life and finds himself in a state of depression. As the story continues, Ron gets his old news crew back together, battles with goofy issues, get back to the top of the news world and ultimately realizes that his family is worth more than his job. Through all the stupidity and comedic nature of the movie, the general story-line is utterly meaningful. This movie is meaningful in a way that shows how people are easily distracted by the luxuries of life and how they distract us from what matters. Ron is so caught up in fame and the itch success that it initially drives him away from his family. By the end of the movie, the audience is filled with enlightenment and a lesson.

Overall, many people are caught up in the temptations of life. The legend of Ron Burgundy lives as a story for people to think about. Ron once valued materialistic items and fame ahead of family. He changed his ways and was there for his family at in the end.


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