The Princess Bride: A Comedy

The Princess Bride is a adventurous take on a romantic comedy, where the simple farmhand Westly and friends face many dangers and challenges in order to rescue Princess Buttercup from a marriage with Prince Humperdinck.

This movie is full of iconic lines, one of which being “Inconceivable!” THis is frequently exclaimed by Vizzini, (Prince Humperdinck’s mastermind,) when Westly continues thwart his plans to deliver Buttercup to her husband. This well-known phrase is an example of satire: a hyperbole.

There are many complex characters, such as Fezzik the Giant, who is huge and menacing, and can throw giant boulders at people or pose as a monstrous ghost. Ironically, he has a very kind disposition and enjoys rhyming.

During his pursuit of Buttercup, Westly renders both Fezzik and Inigo Montoya unconscious. However, these two men are the ones who end up reviving Westly from his near death, which is an example of situational irony. In the beginning of the film, these three men were fighting against one another but in the end they work together in order to storm Humperdinck’s castle, partners in crime.

There are many examples of dramatic irony throughout the adventure as well. For example, as Buttercup and Westly are submerged in quicksand, the viewers see a giant rat walk by, unknown to the pair in the quicksand. The rat ends up being their next obstacle.

Although they may be cliche, The Princess Bride offers many lessons regarding honor, friendship, and love. The movie is critiquing how society underestimates the power of love, whether it be between a man and his bride or two good friends. With the help of his friends, Westly is able to reclaim his love and Inigo Montoya is able to finally get his revenge. This movie is trying to prove to society that love conquers all.

The movie’s final meaning is representative of a lot of romantic comedies. I think tragedy always gets dubbed as the more intricate and intellectual type of story because it’s themes are darker and more varied than that of comedies. Even though the themes in comedies may be more cliche and repetitive, its easy to take comedic lessons with a laugh than to actually live by them.

4 thoughts on “The Princess Bride: A Comedy

  1. Kirsten K

    I think the Princess Bride deserves a lot more credit in the message it portrays, the movie goes deeper into societal expectations and shows the audience that love is what wins but also having people by your side that care for you. While also making social classes and expectations more prevalent and showing that you can combat them.


  2. Lizzy L

    Annie, I really enjoyed this post because I agree that comedies have just as much to say about society as tragedies. I think that the type of film does not determine the quality or the validity of the message that is communicated. I actually prefer comedies.


  3. Alexis S

    What a great movie!! I always thought this movie was funny and I would occasionally laugh out loud. However, I never found it a satirical movie until your post. The irony and hyperbole used in this movie was very subtle. I loved how you went into depth about the movie, and the deeper meaning behind it.


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