“Wedding Crashers” as a Comedy

Wedding Crashers is a 2005 romantic-comedy starring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams. It also features a cameo role from Will Ferrell. In the movie, Vaughn and Wilson act as divorce lawyers with many different alias’s that they use to crash weddings. They use this practice as a way to dress up for a party, drink for free, and meet pretty women. During one wedding though, Vaughn’s character gets involved with a young, possessive women while Wilson’s character falls for her older sister, Rachel McAdams, who is about to get married to Bradley Cooper’s character. They end up spending more and more time with the family and things become complicated. Wedding Crashers qualifies as a classic Aristotle comedy because Wilson and McAdams’s characters are sympathetic characters in which the audience hopes fall for each other. They also have a personable charm and you see their love for each other, unlike most other relationships in the movie.

The movie could be considered a romantic comedy for many reasons. One being that the two central characters are young and likeable. They are also apparently meant for each other but are kept apart by a complicated scenario. This scenario being that McAdams is about to get married to Cooper’s character, who is the jerk boyfriend of the movie and Wilson is using his alias the whole time as he is getting to know and falling for McAdams. Spoiler: Wilson wishes, and comes close, to revealing his true identity but can’t in time before McAdams finds out. Although the movie doesn’t end with McAdams and Wilson’s wedding (hint hint), it ends with McAdams’ character and her sister going off together with Vaughn and Wilson and accepting who they really are. Wedding Crashers enhances our understanding of the world by proving a point that you should be true with the people you love and not hide things from people you are closest with. It also teaches not get romantically involved with someone for a long period of time with them not knowing who you really are, so just be yourself.

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