Why The Interview Got Cancelled because of Too Much Satire

The movie, The Interview with actors James Franco and Seth Rogan is a comedic action movie about how secluded North Korea is, and what happens when two outsiders enter the country. Two American men go to North Korea to meet the leader, Kim Jong Un. As you all know, North Korea is a very secure country, no one is allowed in or out. However, in this movie, Kim Jong Un in a big fan of Franco’s and Rogan’s character’s television show. He loves it so much, they are invited to North Korea, which is very strange, but exciting for the United States to get some insight on the country and the dictatorship of North Korea.

Currently, it is kind of unknown how North Korea runs as a country, but in this movie the satire really shows how we stereotypically think. Hyperbole is often used by over stepping boundaries that are a risk to be said throughout the film. There is a lot of exaggeration throughout the movie, but the world doesn’t know much about North Korea, some of it could be true. Regardless, the movie is not afraid to use humor and exaggeration to make the film as real and raw as possible.

The humor used in this movie is not carefully placed at all. The actors have no filter, hence why this movie got cancelled. It was too dirty and mean that people were threatening attacks on movie theaters that played the movie and it was also nicknamed “the movie of terrorism.”

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