Celebrity GOST Commentary!

Yes, in parts of the world that value wit, compassion, and literary intelligence, my AP Lit teaching colleague Ms. Hunter is most definitely a celebrity. And I have been lucky enough to stumble on some bootleg videos of her walking her classes through her favorite moments in the second half of God of Small Things.

In all seriousness, Ms. Hunter’s insights are really eye-opening for me, and I really like how she always grounds them in a close reading of specific passages. I invite you to pull out your copy of the novel, gather your favorite passages and your own insights, and put them alongside hers in conversation. After watching her, if you have questions or responses, please put them in the comments below and I’ll make sure she sees them and has a chance to respond.

If she just sparks a pathway for you, though, use it as inspiration for an original post.

So first, enjoy Ms. Hunter’s analysis of a variety of moments in Chs. 9-18:

Side note: Did you have some video background envy? Who’s in that photo over there on the shelf? Has she really read all those books? I’ll bet she claims she didn’t even know what was behind her. Yeah, whatever …. I can’t even get my thumbnail image to look right (see below).

Anyway …. After finishing the novel, enjoy Ms. Hunter’s take on the momentous final chapters:

And if you haven’t yet gotten to the end of God of Small Things, and you are looking for some perspective on the early chapters, I’ve put together a compilation of Bernie’s Quick Takes — excerpted out of my messages of the days from the week before Spring Break.

And hey, no one is stopping you from doing your own video or audio take on the novel — or anything else. Just sayin’

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