How a little at a time can backfire.

Before I begin my blog I would like to put out my feelings on G.O.S.T., mainly that it is a resounding, unadulterated and complete eh. Not great, not terrible. And part of the reason as to why is that it drip feeds information in way as to make it unintresting.

From the very first chapter we know that Sophie dies in December of 1969. We also find out that midway through the book that something bad happend to Velutha. From this we can probably surmise that he gets blamed for her death. But for some reason Roy keeps going thru as if its a mystery. We can already tell what happens and all this serves to do is waist time. You might say that you actually quite like the dialog and the descriptions in the intervining times, but for me I wasn’t in to it. All in all i think that this book would be better if it were more straight foreward with the timeline.

One thought on “How a little at a time can backfire.

  1. Simone P

    I see where you’re coming from John about the way the book drags on, but I have to disagree. I think Roy lays out the main plot in the beginning of the story so that she can complete a different task in the rest of the book. More specifically, she establishes what happened to Estha, the relationship between Vethula and Ammu, and the details surrounding Sophie’s death. More importantly, we also get to know the characters more, we get to immerse ourselves in their childish worlds, and we get to start to create our own opinions on the plot. If we were just given the first chapter with the entire plot laid out, I personally wouldn’t have realized how much I disliked Baby Kochamma, how horrified I was about Vethula’s demise, and that I understood why Rahel and Estha turned out the way they did as adults. I’m not trying to change your opinion on the book John, but I am providing you with a bunch of details that I loved about more than just the main plot.

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