Colorism Lies Everywhere

It’s really interesting for me to be reading God of Small Things and also this book called The Blacker the Berry for my African American History Class. One book highlights the disparities between those in an Indian culture, and the other highlights the disparities between those in an African American culture.

I’m pretty sure God of Small Things never fully said that the Paravans were all dark in complexion, but based off of the descriptions of the paravans in comparison with the Mol family it seemed that their color also had a play in the caste system.

In Blacker the Berry, the basis of the book so far is colorism and how a dark skinned girl is continuously discriminated against and seen as less than just because she is dark.

It’s so interesting to me that even when people of color have to deal with racism and general discrimination and oppression of their people, they even create ranks inside of their own culture. And much of it is based on how light your skin is.

I know that being more fair was seen as more attractive in white people as well in the past, and there is a degree of colorism in almost every single ethnic group. It really makes me wonder how the idea that being lighter is better even came about it in the first place. Colorism is still very much alive and well today.

2 thoughts on “Colorism Lies Everywhere

  1. JONAH O

    Wow that’s crazy to realize, that although our country is already going through a very hard time with racism the races that are being oppressed are oppressing them selves while doing so. it’s a twisted truth


  2. One of the most beautiful and powerful moments in the final chapter, when Ammu revels in Velutha’s darkness: “Her brownness against his blackness” (316). And her intimacy with him is a clear breaking of boundaries: “She smelled the river on him. His Particular Paravan smell that so disgusted Baby Kochamma. Ammu put out her tongue and tasted it” (317).

    There’s a reason Roy ends the novel with this moment.


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