Celebrate Everyday Like A Birthday

For one of my posts, I decided to analyze one of my favorite songs, “Sky Walker” by Miguel and featuring Travis Scott. To me, the overall purpose of the song is to show that although you may not be in control of what happens to you in life, you ARE in control of how you let things affect you and you have the ability to grow from pain instead of letting it set you back.

The opening line of the song, “Quick to dead the bull like a matador”, is repeated many times and I think it is one of the most important lines in the song. I believe that Miguel is trying to say that whatever problems or hardships you may come across, it is better to face them head on and deal with them instead of compartmentalizing them, which only hurts you more later in life. You have the power to break out of bad habits and let go of negatives that are only bringing you down.

One of the next lines, “Don’t sleep you gotta stay up”, is talking about paying attention. Paying attention to the people around, your surroundings, and living in the moment of your experiences. It also means paying attention to yourself, and staying true to your own morals and beliefs throughout any craziness you may face in life.

He then says, “I’m outstanding so I stand out”. This might be a little bit cheesy, but I think the message is to show the power of your own confidence. We are constantly told to be confident and release our insecurities, but then insulted when we love ourselves “too much” or compliment any part of ourselves. I think Miguel is trying to say that it’s GREAT to be proud of yourself and you should always recognize your own value and worth.

In the chorus of the song, he states “I’m Luke Skywalkin’ on these haters”, maybe a little corny, but I think it carries a much deeper meaning. Luke Skywalker is the “chosen one” and carries a tremendous amount of strength and perseverance. In a world where one can be a “hater” by simply typing something negative on their phone, it’s important to rise above and thrive despite the hate.

He ends the song by stating, “First you put the work in til it works out / Work it out til it’s turnt out”. I think this line is really powerful and an excellent conclusion to the song because he is saying that you need to work hard and give your all, and eventually you will get a positive return.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Everyday Like A Birthday

  1. Maximus B

    I love this song for many of the reasons that you have outlined. The use of allusion in mentioning one of the greatest fictional characters ever devised by man Luke Skywalker. Along with how important the messages of self love and facing your problems are tremendously important right now. Good song choice.


  2. Leah J

    This is one of my favorite songs by Miguel and I have seen an interview where he was talking about the songs meaning, emphasizing how it’s about believing in yourself and your capability to be the best you can be in situations. I love his message that it’s okay to be confident in yourself and to remind others that you have that confidence asl well.


  3. I hadn’t heard this song until it popped up when playing the mix — and I was hooked. Your analysis only adds to the power. I really enjoy the wordplay of the final line.


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