Oh, the Humanity

Arundahti Roy’s God of Small Things is a novel of great detail that multiple times left me speechless. Roy makes the words leap off the page with her twisting of time and figurative language. Though I did not have too many similarities with the characters, I found it very easy to relate to their conflicts and emotions. I attribute this level of buy-in to the book to Roy’s ability to relate all situations to the human condition. That said, the book is very dark at times, leaving characters feeling insignificant. The book is very aware of itself and it makes the reader squirm. Arundahti’s book kept me encapsulated the entire time and though it was rather dark, it was well written and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good read. The characters’ wants and desires are simple like that of most humans. The book takes simplified desires and makes them seemingly unachievable. This in itself is dark. There is no worse feeling than having a goal be out of reach.

One thought on “Oh, the Humanity

  1. Danny K

    Your last statement “There is no worse feeling than a goal being out of reach” instantly made me think of Rahel’s moment with Ammu when Ammu shockingly says she loves her daughter a little less for what she did. I remembered this scene when I read that line because Rahel makes it her goal to earn that love again. But Rahel doesn’t understand that you can’t make someone love you which is ironic in this situation because it is her mother and it shouldn’t be a goal for her.


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