Orientalism in the World Today

Orientalism is basically, the negative thought of people’s of the Middle and Near East. Given the name “Oriental” or “other” sets them apart from the superior West. Through Europe’s many years of dominance in this part of the world, we have seen years and years of racism against these people, and it really has sprouted again recently

We have all heard our President refer to our global pandemic as the “Chinese Virus.” This gives leeway to the now many xenophobic ideas in the country today. Hotlines have been set up in order to stop these, but that hasn’t helped all that much.

These ideas have stemmed from the numerous years of the theory of Orientalism. Right away being given the name “other” already sets you apart from the rest of the world, and we are seeing this manifest today in every day life. By having our President refer to it as he did, he gives others grounds to do the same and make irrational claims about a country as a whole.

2 thoughts on “Orientalism in the World Today

  1. brettski1212

    Anthony, I connect to you in your opinions of how our president is already showing sings of offensive terms to Asians in orientalism. I think many of us will use the example because it was such a powerful line. When you said that it will make others do the same, I hope that that doesn’t happens. The racism that we have all seen him use will never go away, but we must live around it.


  2. JOHN V

    While I agree that racism exists today, how is refering to the disease that originated in China as the Chinese virus offensive? How is this different from the spanish flu? It seems to me that we are looking for every excuse to blame the president in order to divide, when now more than ever we need to come together.


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