My chosen song is “LOVEHAPPY” by THE CARTERS (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) on their joint album EVERYTHING IS LOVE. The central theme of this song is forgiveness as well as working to improve on your happiness. Although in the song it is applied to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s personal relationship, I believe this song can easily be applicable to our relationships with others or even ourselves.

One major part of the song consists of Beyoncé emphasizing how in a time of darkness, it did not seem like they would be able to escape. ‘Beach’ is used as a metaphor for their relationship, which for some time wasn’t the paradis everyone believe it was. Despite this, eventually, their ‘nightmare’ was over and they were led into a new kind of happiness, enhancing the general theme of the song. These lines are clear towards the end of the chorus.

Sometimes, I thought we’d never see the light

We went through hell with heaven on our side

This beach ain’t always been no paradise

But nightmares only last one night

This one section of the song I found can be very uplifting in times of struggle. Right now with everything with Coronavirus occurring and all of us missing out on the senior year we had imagined for ourselves, this song is simply a reminder that yes, things may be hard for some time but there is light in the future that will always come.

The song ends on a bright note, talking about how they eventually conquered their struggles and now they are happy and in love together. The repetition of ‘we’ puts emphasis as well as an image in your head about how they are a team and better together than they ever were before.

We came, and we saw, and we conquered it all

We came, and we conquered, now we’re happy in love

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