Since the beginning of the year, we have been talking about stories and how they relate to us, each other, and the world. There is one quote from The God of Small Things that I think ties the book into the whole year. “…because kathakali discovered long ago that the secret of the Great Stories is that they have no secrets. The Great Stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again. The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably” (218).

I think that the part of the quote that talks about wanting to hear the same story again speaks to this book. Although the book has very dark parts and isn’t the happiest book, it is still very well written and many people, including myself, would want to read it again.

Furthermore, I think the part that says, “The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably” is very important and truly does speak to all good stories. I interperate this as no matter whats going on in the world around you, if you pick up a good book you can get lost in the story and forget about reality for a bit. The book sort of takes you under it’s wing and takes care of you while you escape reality. I think that this can also apply to movies or tv shows, becuase they too are stories.

With everything going on in the world right now, I have found myself choosing my favorite stories and inhabiting them quite comfortably. Although it is important to stay aware of whats happening, I think it is equally important to lose yourself in a great story.

2 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Katie V.

    I have found myself taking comfort in familiar stories too. I find myself drifting to the stories that I know from when I was younger especially. It’s interesting to me how its almost as if the books become a comfort simply because they are familiar. Slipping into one of their worlds is like wrapping myself in a blanket from my childhood: warm and comforting.


  2. Great minds think alike. There is a lot getting posted to the blog these days — so I’m trying to make some connections. Check out Kirsten’s post from earlier in the week:

    She was fascinated by the same quote — and the comment string below shows how much it resonated with others.

    It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that you are getting comfort from stories. You will always have them!


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