Abnesti fake feelings

While Jeff is trying to process what just happened to Heather from Darkenfloxx, Abnesti attempts to comfort Jeff. Even though Jeff claimed he didn’t love Heather romantically he still cared for her and was very upset with what happened. Abnesti can see that Jeff is clearly saddened but says, “I hated it. I’m a person. I have feelings. Still, personal sadness aside, that was good” (72). Abnesti doesn’t offer a helping hand to Jeff in this hard time, instead Abnesti backs it up by saying he is a person and has feelings too, but yet doesn’t seem to be upset about what just happened. Even though Abnesti claims to ‘have feelings’ they don’t seem legit. The way Abnesti tries to comfort Jeff shows that he doesn’t really care for them the way he should, but still cares in some ways. Creating an environment that makes Jeff think of Abnesti as a good guy and doesn’t see through his fake feelings.

7 thoughts on “Abnesti fake feelings


    I found it interesting how you pointed out that Abnesti saying that he has feelings too is another form of manipulation so that Jeff would trust him. And that he showed no emotional remorse, only justification.



    I agree with you and think that the fact that Abnesti is trying to manipulate Jeff and that his feelings come off as artificial. He definitely is not remorseful.


  3. Zach B

    I agree with this, very true. It almost seems like Abnesti is just trying to prove to Jeff that he is a normal person too that has empathy and sympathy. The actions he takes, however, in this situation completely disprove that.


  4. rclarkson41

    Abnesti is simply using Jeff and the other subjects for a science experiment. Abnesti makes it clear that they are just that which makes them trust him



    I agree and also think that Abnesti just wants Jeff to see the good in him despite all the horrible things he has done. Abnesti is manipulating Jeff the more he lies to him as well.


  6. nina a

    I also wrote about the superficiality of Abnesti’s interactions and feelings. I think he wants Jeff to see him as human because he is struggling with his own humanity.


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