Escape From Darkness

To me, one of the biggest themes of the story is morality. The people being experimented on are criminals, but they are still being tortured, emotionally and physically. At the end, Jeff is asked to give the scientists permission to put someone through extreme pain. He is hesitant to do it, but he finally gives in. When it kills her and he asked to do it again to someone else, he refuses, ending his own life instead. It’s a very dark story line, but a very important one because Jeff finds a way to escape from the darkness of the power binary he is in. The story ends with Jeff’s final thoughts; “I was happy, so happy, because for the first time in years, and forevermore, I had not killed, and never would.” He finds joy in his own death because by finding his humanity, he is able to escape.

2 thoughts on “Escape From Darkness

  1. Emma L

    I completely agree that there is a big theme of morality in this story. I also think what you mention at the end is really interesting, how Jeff was happy that he “had not killed and never would”, as he has escaped this moral back and forth that is Spiderhead and all of its experiments as well as finding his own humanity.



    I definitely agree with the fact that this constant battle Jeff was facing was about his moral beliefs. I think it was hard for him to imagine killing someone. I thought it was fascinating that he states “had not killed and never would” but technically he kills himself to escape from Abnesti and the tortures. Why did he word it like that when he could have said ” i would never kill anyone else”.


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