Escape from ED289/290

The Escape from Spiderhead had multiple inspiring quotes, but there was one specific quote that stuck out to me. On page 64, it states, “It means that ED289/290 is the real deal. It can make love, it can take it away, I’m almost inclined to start the naming process.” This quotation stuck out to me because of how perfectly it is said. Some people search to find love all their life, yet Abnesti creates this drug that can create love and take away love. Humans crave love just like addicts crave drugs. Now that Abnesti created a drug that feeds humans craving, their will be more addicts attracted this new drug; love.

One thought on “Escape from ED289/290


    This quote stood out to me as well. I thought it was very interesting that they were able to control how someone loves another person or thing. But that also made think that if someone used that drug, would the love that they express be genuine or just be what the drug allows them to feel?


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