Escape from Mutual Recognition

The lack of mutual recognition in the short story, “Escape from Spiderhead”, was demonstrated through the relationships between the criminals and the scientists. Although the participants had to verbally consent to take part in the experiments, this option could be taken away through simple paperwork. After Jeff will not agree to watch Rachel go through extreme agony, the scientist Abnesti states, “‘What good’s an obedience drug if we need his permission to use it?'” (Saunders 75). Abnesti wants to take away all control that has been given to Jeff. This power imbalance represents Abnesti’s lack of recognition that Jeff is still a person who should have control over himself. The absence of mutual recognition in Abnesti’s relationships with the participants leads to a growing mistrust and strong dislike of the scientist by the criminals.

One thought on “Escape from Mutual Recognition

  1. Mirabella Valle

    I agree with what you said, I was thinking similar things while reading and you put it into words really well. Especially the fact that everyone in the study were criminals it created a feeling that Abnesti has even more power over them.


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