“Escape From Spiderhead”

I think mutual recognition appears at the end of the story and does not really show up while Jeff is still in the Spiderhead. One section that really stood out to me is when Jeff refuses to agree to Rachel receiving Darkenfloxx. On page 75, Absenti asks, “Verlaine, what’s the name of that one? The one where I give him an order and he obeys it?” This reveals the authority binary in this dystopian future. This binary is kept until Jeff sacrifices himself. I believe this is when he experiences mutual recognition and individuality as Benjamin explains because on page 81, Jeff describes his encounter with birds, “I joined them, flew among them, they did not recognize me as something apart from them…” Jeff and the birds recognize each other as equals part of the same community yet being their own individuals.

One thought on ““Escape From Spiderhead”

  1. LilyM

    I thought the ending of the story was very unique in that it was left up to the readers interpretation. Although it is made clear that Jeff dies, we must acknowledge Jeff’s emotions and opinions as he decides he is finally free in death. I think you made a good point on that mutual recognition does not appear in the story until the very end and I thought that the inclusion of the birds was a very powerful metaphor to end the story with.


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