After reading this story, I was thinking a lot about Benjamin and mutual recognition. You could argue that there is absolutely no mutual recognition demonstrated between the experimenters and the inmates. However, since the inmates ultimately have to say a consent word to allow the experiments to “drip on”, I argue that there is a small portion of mutual recognition. Nevertheless, the experimenters still see the inmates as objects to use in their lab. “On the other hand, Rachel may be stronger. She seems a little larger.” “She’s actually a little smaller,” Verlaine said. “Well maybe she’s tougher,” Absenti said.” Absenti was coming up with nonfactual excuses to manipulate Jeff into allowing the experiment to continue without his supposed uninfluenced consent.

One thought on “Acknowledge


    i agree with this! i think the experimenters really manipulate their subjects and put them through pain. i don’t think there is much mutual recognition.


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