Escape to Freedom

Throughout the story it can be seen that Abnesti and Verlaine have control over the main character, Jeff, and have power over his freedoms. One example is on page 68 when Abnesti states “‘Do you want me to say your Fridays are at risk? I can easily say that.’ Which was cheap. My Fridays meant a lot to me, and he knew that. Fridays I got to Skype my mom.” Prior to this moment, Jeff was resisting his reception of a certain chemical which prompts Abnesti’s threat to take away his freedom to Skype his mom. It’s clear that Abnesti dominates this relationship when he details how he can “easily” take Jeffs Skype privilege away. Since Jeff is in some form of a prison, its obvious his freedoms would be taken away but its interesting how he regains his freedoms in a way, through suicide.

One thought on “Escape to Freedom


    You make a strong point about the lack of freedoms Jeff has in Spiderhead and how he regains them (in a way) with his suicide. Abnesti’s ability to remove every freedom that Jeff has is a debilitating burden to Jeff and by the end of the story, he cannot tolerate submitting to Abnesti’s authority. By using Darkenfloxx and committing suicide, Jeff is released from both a mental prison and a physical one.


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