“Honor” vs Honor

When reading, on page 73, I noticed that after Jeff and Abnestri were talking about how Heather just died due to the Darkenfloxx, he said that they “all did terrific” watching her suffer, meaning Jeff, Abnestri, and Verlaine. This struck me as a surprise, 1.) because Abnestri and Verlaine really didn’t have to do anything and 2.) because he then proceeded to say that he “honors” Heather. Heather did not choose to get Darkenfloxxed, which is apparently what Abnestri is honoring her for.

Personally, when I think of people that I honor or respect, it was for great acts of duty that they have done out of their own selflessness and respect for others, not people who were being unwillingly forced into a fit of insanity and rage. You honor people like soldiers, who risk their lives for us or people whose dedication is very present from their past doings but not in situations like this.

Saying that he is “honoring” Heather is Abnestri acting like he was the administrator to this great act that changed the world, but he really just drove her mad.

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