Inevitable Kill

The last line of the short story “Escape From Spiderhead” reads, “I had not killed, and I never would” (pg 81). I find this line very interesting because it was inevitable Jeff would to kill someone. He had to choose between killing himself and Rachel. Either way, the story would have a dark ending. He ended up committing suicide and sparing Rachel’s life, but he did end up killing someone-himself. It seems as if the “Spiderhead” is a murder mission. The experiments that are forced upon prisoners are extremely dangerous, and Abnesti knows that death is a possible outcome. I think it is much worse than a longer period in jail.

One thought on “Inevitable Kill

  1. Sara S

    I think it’s very interesting to point out that Jeff was forced to kill someone. The entire reason he is at Spiderhead is because he tried to kill someone, and he had to do it again.


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