In Escape from Spiderhead, it says, “My guess is, ProtComm’s going to be like: “Wow, Utica’s really leading the pack in terms of providing mind-blowing new data on ED289/290”. This made me think that while the Spiderhead is a prison, it is also a science laboratory. It shows that these prisons are popular and these prisons are some of the leading forces in science and innovation. These prisons also probably compete with each other. It also shows that these immoral places are widely accepted by this society.

6 thoughts on “Spiderhead


    I think that is so crazy! In this world, it is normal to experiment on criminals for scientific purposes. It’s almost as if the scientists want more people to be criminals so that they can use them as science guinea pigs.


  2. Maggie Rose B

    It’s interesting how those running the Spiderhead use science as an excuse to harm people and punish criminals. They don’t take responsibility for the things they do (killing Heather) and instead excuse it because it was done for science. I think this helps them differentiate themselves from the prisoners there and convince themselves that they themselves are not criminals.


  3. TALIB B

    I agree, I think this book really makes the reader question, at what point are scientific experiments going too far? With technology and science advancing so fast in our current society I think its important people sit back and think about how much humans should really be using drugs to change their natural emotions and to change natural human evolution.


  4. Charles V

    Yes! Going off of Maria’s point that criminals are the guinea pigs in experiments. It makes me think of how criminals are not treated as full human beings. For instance, Criminals are not allowed to vote but they count as population in that state for the electoral college.



    I agree with the criminals being guinea pigs within the story. It’s so crazy to think of it that way and how criminals are dehumanized in society over mistakes in the past. The passage really makes me question how far you can take an experiment before it’s borderline crazy.



    I agree, I think as this setting ages into a more dystopian future, the leading forces of science and innovation, like you said, will compete more and more leading to a future that only values success/technology and human lives are forgotten. I think the binary kinda switches in this example because the leaders although claimed as the “better people” are actually the criminals.


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